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Meet Lisa

T H E  S E A S O N E D  S I T T E R


My name is Lisa Nassan, and at 61 years young, I exude an energetic spirit. With grown children and single status, I entered retirement ten years ago following a dedicated 26-year journey in law enforcement as an Emergency 911 Dispatcher for the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department. Since then, I have embraced an adventurous path, relocating to Italy, where I lived for five years while also traveling extensively throughout Europe. Beyond my passion for travel, I find joy in hiking, yoga, kayaking, and crafting gourmet meals. I'm also a budding artist, with my pieces on display in galleries in California and Oregon. Another source of fulfillment comes from volunteering, as I've had the privilege of contributing to our community by working in a food pantry and supporting various animal rescue organizations.


Throughout my journey, I have nurtured a deep bond with animals as a dedicated pet care provider, spanning both the United States and Europe. I once assumed the role of a live-in dog nanny for an affectionate Boxer with separation anxiety, committing 1 1/2 years to ensuring their comfort. My nurturing touch extends from the tiniest Chihuahua to the grandest English Mastiff, not to mention my numerous feline companions.


Although Sonoma County is now my home base, I am available to extend my services across every corner of the country and beyond. No distance is too great to hinder my dedication to delivering love and care to the cherished pets and homes entrusted to my watchful guardianship.

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T H  S E A S O N E D  S I T T E R

House & Pet Sitting Services


Based in Sonoma County, California


Services Available Worldwide

Thank you kindly for your inquiry! Lisa will be in touch soon.

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